Just love at first sight…

Siri Svegler is a Swedish actress, singer and musician. She released her first album Silent Viewer in 2009. In 2013, the album Lost & Found got the German Rock and Pop prize for the best English album. With Siri and her Larson it was just love at first sight.

19 December 2014

“Johannes Strate” from “Revolverheld” with his new favorite guitar

We are very pleased that Johannes Strate has chosen a guitar from us. “Revolverheld” is one of the most popular bands in Germany.

4 November 2014

Jens-Peter Abele and his perfect studio guitars

The German music producer Jens-Peter Abele is the founder of ToneTemple Studios. Artists like Philip Poisell, Max Herre, Die Happy, Mateo, Sefora Nelson, The Tame and the Wild, Witt Shell, Kevin Bentz and many others record their successful music-productions in the ToneTemple Studios.

5 October 2014
Larson Euphonon 1934 D Vintage Amber Relic

Larson Bros Euphonon 1934 D Vintage Amber Relic Test

The german magazine for Hardware & Audio “TobiTech” tested our Larson Bros Euphonon 1934 D Vintage Amber Relic – with an outstanding result.

Click here to read the whole test.

26 August 2014
VS1900 Stetson 1

Stetson Style 1 VS 1900 Test

The german online magazine tobitech tested our Larson Bros. Stetson Style 1 VS 1900.
His conclusion is amazing. Please check out the report on the website.


12 August 2014

Lets have another look

Here you see the two new Larson Heritage Guitars and one secret special with cutaway. Few more news coming very soon.

31 July 2014


She is a singer, songwriter, producer, composer and sound engineer in one person. Since the day Keren played an instrument of Larson, she knew it must be a Larson…

21 July 2014

First charge of new Larson models arrived

Today we get four examples of brand new Larson bros models. Looks great and sounds amazing. More news coming soon.

15 July 2014

Beauty comes with age…

and in this beautiful vintage box we offer a variety of picks in different materials – of course, only in the best Larson quality.

30 June 2014

New Larson bros. Dealer in Germany

We’re happy about the support from Berlin. The Guys from American Guitar Shop Berlin looking forward to see you. Come around and check the Larson Heritage Series.

28 May 2014

New Larson bros. Accessories

Cover your iPhone 5 or 5s in a beautiful wood veneer of rosewood. The case is shockproof, looks very noble and feels naturally.

9 May 2014

The best for the best…

Franz Plasa is one of the most famous German music producers. The Stars go with him. For high-profile claims  a guitar from Larson bros. is just right. That’s why Franz is using a Larson guitar in his studios.

15 March 2014

Maurice Dupont

Master Luthier at the Larson workshop explains the importance for using only natural seasoned and dried wood. That’s why we use for our Larson guitars wood, that is seasoned for at least 10-15 years.

12 March 2014

The quality of the timber

Is one of the keys to build an extraordinary instrument. Master Luthier Maurice Dupont talking about the Larson philosophy and why we use only natural seasoned woods for our Larson guitars.

12 March 2014

The Larson Crew with Maurice Dupont

In our Workshop in Saint Trojan near Cognac:
This is the place where the new Larson GUITARS are made.

11 March 2014

She’s a beauty

The Larson bros Euphonon 1934 00 burst in “new-old-stock” finish.
Further informations, click here:

21 February 2014

Look at this beautiful guitar case!

Available for Stetson, Maurer, Prairie State OM and Prairie State SJ.

5 February 2014
New Century Grand

A look behind the scenes…

The “New Century Grand” with cutaway will be coming soon.

24 January 2014

This is how we build them

Here is a small video to show you how we build the new Larson guitars in our French workshop at Maurice Dupont’s. You will see a few differences compared to mainstream guitar manufacturing… enjoy!

20 December 2013


The German pop-rock and indie band consists of vocalist and guitarist Peter, his brother Henrik (drums) and bassist Dominic. Also EMMA6 relies on an instrument by Larson, for years.

15 December 2013

Elina Cadoux plays a Maurer guitar

Elina will launch her first album in December 2014. We’re happy to have such a charming French Lady on board with Larson.

13 December 2013

Larson babies at sea

Carl Carlton with his Larson babies on the Queen Mary 2…

15 November 2013

The first Euphonon guitars have arrived!

People get ready: The first Euphonon instruments of our new Heritage Series are on their way to the stores. Find out about dealers in your area here or on our Facebook page.

2 October 2013

Introducing our latest Vintage 1900 Model.

We’re happy to have the privilege of introducing the newest addition to our Vintage 1900 Series: the Prairie State OM Style 4 VS1900.

30 September 2013

Singer Songwriter Festival Harbourcoustics

On September 27-28, the first Singer Songwriter Festival “Harbourcoustics” will take place in the 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg. The entry is free of charge, we look forward to seeing you there!

5 September 2013

Follow us on Facebook!

As of today, you’ll be able to follow us on our new Larson Bros. Facebook page:

3 September 2013