An aged look has look has been exclusive to used or electric guitars so far. In addition to the visual charms of vintage guitars, it is undeniable that these guitars have a higher resonance. The Larson Heritage Series delivers these characteristics superbly - thanks to extraordinary guitar-making sophistication and finesse.

The Euphonon 1934 OM is built in exact accordance with the Larson Brothers‘ plans, including laminated bracing and a back and top put in under tension. The hand-calibrated Adirondack top provides a very transparent sound rich with harmonics. We use only the finest, naturally aged East-Indian Rosewood for the Larson Euphonon 1934 OM. The mahogany neck has a V-shaped profile characteristic of pre-war and historic 19th century instruments.

Every instrument in the Heritage Euphonon series has a nitro varnish. At the end of the guitar-making process, the surface is additionally treated with a shellack coating. Every Euphonon instrument is individually aged, making every single one an original with a vintage look and feel and an old instrument's charms.

The individual Larson Heritage series guitars are very special instruments in every respect. Guitarists looking for something truly unique will love them.


ShapeLarson OM
TopAAAA Adirondack spruce
Sides/BackIndian Rosewood
NeckMahogany V-Shape one piece
Finishamber NOS
Otherincl. case